We fabricate all kinds of crowns, the full ceramic crowns, aesthetic veneers for covering the visible portion of the front teeth, classic metal-ceramic crowns and dental bridges, non-metal bridges, partial coatings – inlays and onlays as well as all parts of the mobile partial dentures, without visible clasps and implantedly supported total dentures.

Full ceramic crowns – Zirconium, Aluminium, Tri lux, Iin Ceram, Empress

Aesthetic veneers – Empress

Non-metal dental bridge Zirconium

revulocionaren material v zobozdravstvu- prožnost enaka kosti zagotavlja izjemno dolgotrajnost, material je zelo gladek, prijeten na ugriz in visoko estetski

Partial crowns /inlays

these are the fillings, which are made on the basis of the impression of the tooth out of ceramics in the dental techniques and are later on placed on the tooth. They are used when it is not longer possible for the filling to substitute the dental mass, but it is at the same time a waste to grind the rest of the tooth.

Mobile dentures without visible clasps

Implantedly supported dentures