Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

Your smile is important. The smile is that part of the appearance which is noticed, consciously or unconsciously by everyone that you meet. Beautiful, healthy and white teeth play the vital part when you smile and give an extremely important impression.

However, the variety of food, tea, coffee, smoking and other factors discolour your teeth. ZOOM technique gives you the effective and fast solution. It removes the stains from your teeth just in one hour without any harmful consequences and brings you the perfect white smile.

With teeth whitening the discolouring and stains are completely removed from the teeth, but it is necessary to choose the right method, which:

  • is fast, safe and effective,
  • ensures the longlasting result,
  • does not cause the longlasting pain and damages on the enamel and dentin,
  • ensures the amazing result,
  • is performed under the supervision of the dental professional.

The natural colour of the teeth is not always as white as we wanted to be. The smile is extremely important and beautiful, white, and healthy teeth play an important part and give an immense impression.

Apart from the classic dentist treatments the Pečnik Implants recommends you the teeth whitening as an aesthetic and cosmetic method. We offer you whitening /bleaching of the entire teeth or we just bleach the particular dead – avital tooth. It is extremely important for bleaching to be performed by the skilled dentist professionals and not at home by yourself.

The teeth whitening presents one of the fastest and most visible changes in the aesthetic dentistry.  With every client the photo is made before and after bleaching so the changes are seen objectively.

The teeth whitening is suitable for the teeth discoloured or stained caused by the nutrition, smoking, coffee, tea or consuming some drugs. The teeth can be of unsatisfactory colour also for some other reasons such as genetic factors, degenerative changes in the teeth development, antibiotics influence during the teeth development, etc.

The set of teeth can be whitened in two different ways, which might also be combined if necessary.

  • Using the first method the treatment can be performed in the dental practice (in-office whitening) in two or three consecutive treatments with the visible effect right after. The result is amazing and immediate. Actually, the brighter smile up to 8 colour shades is attained in less than an hour, but the effect is longlasting. All the soft tissues are appropriately protected before the whitening starts. Highly concentrated whitening agent is applied onto your teeth, while the procedure is constantly under the supervision and control of the dentist professional.
  • During the treatment itself some irritating pain in your teeth might occur, but can be soothed with special gels during the individual stages of the whitening.
  • By the second method (take-home method) you whiten your teeth at home by yourself according to our instructions using a special tray made of artificial material. The tray is completely adjusted to your teeth while it is made by the dentist beforehand. The peroxide-gel is in this case in a milder concentration. You take the whitening gel and the tray home. In the evening you apply the whitening substance in the tray and place it onto your teeth. The tray with the whitening is placed in your mouth at night as long as your dentist directs you at each appointment. This procedure takes from eight to ten nights, depending on the discolouring and stains of your teeth. The six colour shade brighter smile can be attained in only 7 to 14 days.


The whitening of the avital (dead) teeth, which have been darkened with age:

In such a tooth a bleaching input is applied which is left in the tooth for a few days. The colour is controlled regularly every day. After the successful whitening such a tooth is treated with a proper filling. In many cases the prosthetic treatment is postponed for a while.

The whitening procedure:

  • Before starting the whitening procedure, your dentist will examine the condition of your teeth and gums to ensure maximum safety.
  • Before the procedure the dental plaque has to be cleaned.
  • Old fillings have to be removed and all caries defects have to be fixed with the temporary materials; the teeth are definitely treated after the whitening process.
  • The type of the whitening is decided by the stomatologist depending on the patient’s way of life and on the amount of the discolouration.

At Pečnik Implants the whitening is performed by the leading worldwide acknowledged method ZOOM. Discus dental – the company, which is the producer and the owner of the ZOOM trademark bought the competitive company BriteSmile in 2006. With mergering both technologies and with the modernization of the teeth whitening process the ZOOM technology has ensured the optimum accomplishment of whitening at the best possible comfort and safety. The joined technology has been known under the trademark ZOOM and will become the best teeth whitening system in the world. The company has however obliged itself to attend to the old systems BriteSmile, too, but this technology will not be modernized in the future. Nonetheless, these two ways ensure the qualitative whitening, are without any harmful consequences, are safe and what is important, the result is astonishing and immediate, and the whitening effect is longlasting. In addition, the whitening procedures do not damage the teeth enamel which is of vital importance.

With ZOOM system we can ensure you up to eight colour shades more whiten teeth in less than an hour.

The tooth colour stabilizes in about two weeks. During and after the whitening procedure some temporary sensitivity to cold can occur. In such case a special gel for dissensitivity is applied onto your teeth. During the stages of whitening the consummation of food and beverages, which stain your teeth, such as red wine, dark juices, coffee, carrot, spinach, and cigarettes, etc. are dissuaded.

Be careful at using the preparates for home teeth whitening!

There are numerous procedures and applications on the market for home use whitening where the help of the dentist is not necessary. However, it is to be stressed out that without the professional supervision of the teeth whitening procedure the disproportionate whitening can occur. Moreover, there are many patients who are not aware of the fact that the fillings are not bleached and are therefore necessary to be changed with the new ones after the home-use whitening. In some cases of noncontrolled overwhitening the teeth can become nontransparent. The amalgam fillings shine through the structure of the transparent tooth which gives the tooth darker colour. At older fillings some pain might occur.

Only the dentist can treat the patient in an appropriate and safe way and can therefore prevent overwhitening and oversensitivity of the teeth..